Our team are the go-to for Jewish Modern Day Matchmaking at Simantov International in the UK. Ww introduce members of the Simantov Shtetl to like-minded Jewish singles who want to build something together and go from strength to strength and assess if they are putting their feett forward in the right direction when it comes to dating.

Prospective clients in London and also some international are flying in to meet the UK Simantov team this week to talk matchmaking for marriage. All Simantov clients are serious about finding their someone to love and if this resonates with you then perhaps you should contact us to enquire about availabilty on Tuesday 10th in North London for your interview.

As experienced Matchmakers the UK team are realistic in your dating expectations and will always ensure to be fully transparent with you about what to expect in the service needed to search for your soulmate. We are as serious as you are and every client matters just as much as the last. We pride ourselves on our network of exceptional professionals and you will see when you meet us that our passion for putting people together is just as exceptional as our clients are.

To ensure you are booked in for your interview with us this week then please do enquire by filling out our registration form to meet our matchmaker and the Simantov team will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.