Exciting news! Simantov are thrilled to welcome to our Global Network, Jessica Fass, who will be connecting singles across the USA & Israel. Jessica originally hails from sunny Los Angeles, California, but has been living in Tel Aviv, Israel, for the past 4.5 years.  Jessica has turned her hand from a corporate environment, as she yearned to do something more personalized, where she could really help people and make a difference in their lives. Now working on things heart-centred at Simantov International we welcome Jessica to our Global Network of Matchmakers.

Jessica first realized she had a true talent and passion for matchmaking when she introduced her best friend Alex to her future fiance Doug at a Labor Day party in 2008 in her parents’ backyard in Northridge, CA.  Jessica never experienced a greater sense of accomplishment than when she saw her two friends happy together and in love.  This inspired her to start matchmaking as a hobby when she moved to Tel Aviv as she started getting very involved with the young international community in Israel, and growing a huge network of singles.  Jessica realized that the Olim (new immigrants) to Israel were often times experiencing cultural differences with the Israelis, which was sometimes ruining their chances of getting into serious relationships.

Tel Aviv is very much known for being a “hook up” and “party » city, but Jessica was determined to find the serious, marriage-minded singles living in the city and start connecting them.  She knew that dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid were not the answer for people looking for serious relationships.  Now, Jessica has expanded outside of Israel with Simantov International to help her fellow Americans and Jewish people all over the world by joining Simantov officially in June 2015 and is excited to be working with the most professional, premier, distinguished Jewish matchmaking company worldwide – so she can turn her passion for connecting people and giving them their “happily ever after” into a full-time job.

Jessica’s skills as a “headhunter for your love life” have been featured in publications worldwide – from Haaretz Newspaper and The Jerusalem Post in Israel to Der Spiegel Magazine in Germany. What’s her secret to finding the perfect match, you may ask?  « It’s all about having common values, life goals, a similar sense of humor, and at least 3 main things in common,” she says.  « The 3 things in common could be as simple as a favorite TV show or movie, a love of pop music, and a love of chicken schnitzel (or tofu schnitzel, if you’re both vegetarians!) Of course, it helps to have more things in common, but the basic rule of 3 is always a strong, solid foundation to start with.  Also, you must be self-confident and happy and whole with yourself.  You cannot look for another person to complete you – only to complement you.”

Jessica is currently visiting Los Angeles through January 2016 and accepting applications for both in-person and Skype interviews for personalized matchmaking.  Would you like to meet Jessica? Enquire to join our Simantov Shtetl here and we will be in touch as soon as we can. 

Jessica looks forward to helping you find everlasting love and happiness – but first, be happy with yourself!