If you have stumbled across Simantov International for the very first time or perhaps this is the first time you have taken a good glance at who we are and what we do, then you may be asking yourself a couple of questions such as what is matchmaking and why would I use Simantov when setting out to find my match?

Simantov International was founded in 1975 matchmaking single Jewish professionals who are time-poor and looking for love in the Jewish community, beyond the community they reside in. Our founders and fantastically dedicated matchmakers found then, and still find now, that as the Jewish community is smaller than most, and as traditional matchmaking is no foreign concept to Jewish singles, that there was a real place for us in both the dating scene and the market for a dedicated approach to helping single Jews who are serious to settle down together.

What we find is truly special about Simantov is that we have never in our four decades needed to advertise our service, as the Jewish community tend to be good communicators in great professional positions and when they have found a service they like, and inevitably someone that they love via our matchmaking they have been more than happy to spread the word about who we are and what is it that we do, hence, Simantovs matchmaking seed has been sewn the world over. We have matchmakers, client representatives and brand ambassadors such as Rabbi’s, local community yentas and many Jewish mothers who have been happy to endorse our services, putting forward potential suitors for our clients on a weekly basis.

Our clientele is inclusive of, but certainly not limited to, founders, public figures, CEOs, financial professionals, and academically high achieving individuals. With a large database of educated singles globally our clients appreciate our discreet approach to matchmaking, and value the importance we place on maintaining their privacy. Client confidentiality is at the core of everything we do at Simantov, which, given the nature and status of our singles, is not only a given; but a must.

We have a substantial vetting process in place which aims to sieve out those who are not so serious in their search and those who are not so emotionally invested in the process that finding a partner can be. We have an application process,
we then proceed to interview and vet all serious singles on a personal level. Further to this we then consult with our global matchmaking team where we take a collective decision about the personalized matchmaking journey for each individual.

If you feel that our modern-day matchmakers have made it crystal clear how consciously coupling works here at Simantov and that it’s a journey you would like to take yourself on, then we would be glad to share more with you.