Simantov International were delighted to meet Natali Cohen, founder of Zestfulness121 coaching and talk about getting a little zest back into your love life. Here’s what Natali had to say. 

I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to write this blog for Simantov regarding my life-coaching company particularly as Simantov were the winners of “Best Company Dating Blog 2017” at The UK Blog Awards.

I started Zestfulness121 coaching company to empower and inspire others to lead the life they want. Sometimes in life we lack enthusiasm, excitement or interest and we fail to maximize our full potential. Coaching helps with motivation and empowers you and enables one to achieve one’s goals. For example, if you wanted to play tennis and a novice to boot, you would get a tennis coach to maximize that learning curve to get the the best out of you. This is what I wanted to replica with Zestfulness121.

I chose the name Zestfulness as to me it means energy, empowerment, enthusiasm. These three Es’ are vital for living a fulfilling life. Also, I liked the way it rolls off one’s tongue when you say the name out loud; you cannot help but smile.

In a coaching session I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide a client forward so they may achieve their desired goals. Simple, but deep and effective. The Zestfulness121 mantra is “know your worth”. Self-belief and awareness are the most important ingredients to achieving the life we want to lead.

I have been fortunate to have worked with the most extraordinary clients over the years from entrepreneurs and company directors to clients looking for a new career or life change. After each session I too am incredibly inspired as my clients make huge changes and manage to derive inspiration from their hurdles. The most enjoyable thing about Zesttfulness121 I find is the interaction I have with different people I meet from all walks of life. Recently I have interviewed awe-inspiring individuals for my Instagram account and website blog. I believe that we can grow by other people’s stories.

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