We are beyond excited to tell you that we are the winners of Best Company Dating Blog 2017 at The UK Blog Awards, founded by Gemma Newton. Simantov International were finalists up against some of the best dating writers and influencers in the UK and we are absolutely thrilled to be taking home the award. This award is another honour, proceeding our other win this year – winner of Best Matchmaking Agency 2016 at the UK Dating Awards, founded by Charly Lester.

We joined writers, bloggers, vloggers and many other successful digital content producers across many industries as we celebrated in style at a black and white heros and heroines ball. The night was a lot of fun and an opportunity for online communicators at the top of their games to let their hair down and celebrate another year of writing utilising their digital marketing platforms. At Simantov our shareholders, Managing Directors, matchmakers, guest bloggers, contributors and readers are absolutely delighted and we are so glad to be sharing this news with you today. 

We write content in the datingsphere for one reason only – to help singles along the way to dating successfully and building a bigger knowledge bank of dating trends, notice patterns in their communication when meeting people and perhaps any barriers built which may be causing blocks to finding the love they really do deserve.

May we continue to help singles for another 42 years to strive towards great relationships, build them and be in them for a lifetime. Mazel Tov team!