Great news for us and all our clients: Simantov is joining forces with an American Jewish matchmaker, who will be using our expertise and resources and work with us on making international matches, so we can yet again expand the pool of potential partners for all of our clients. The matchmaker in question is named Jenny, and she runs a Jewish matchmaking service called Jenny Apple.

Jenny is a very lovely young lady, beautiful, smart and easy-going, who created her business a year ago. She is based in Beverly Hills. She lives in one of the most religious areas of Los Angeles. However, when asked, Jenny is quick to respond that she, like Simantov, wants her business to cater to most Jews, from the Reform to he Modern Orthodox – Ultra-Orthodox communities often have their own matchmakers. She coyly admits that being a matchmaker was not her first calling and that she was almost pushed into the profession by friends who thought her outgoing and caring personality would be perfectly suited for that career.

And indeed, Jenny is a natural. She says she wants to help as many people as possible find their beshert and has spared no effort in making that happen. In addition to the daily business of interviewing potential candidates, assessing their needs and finding the best matches for her clients, she also regularly runs educational seminars and organizes singles events at private homes or other venues. The last of these events, a big success, was a speed dating evening held at, and in conjunction with, the ATID group of Sinaï Temple in Los Angeles. With the fabulous result of no less than 97 matches made in one evening!

Asked about the difficulties of her job, how she knows which clients to take under her wing and when to make a match, Jenny says responds that, beyond relying on her own intuition, she tries to get as much information as she can possibly get: she reads a lot about love and relationships and has become member of a association of matchmakers through which she is able to exchange questions and ideas with other professionals.

She is also selective when it comes to taking on a client. Most of her clients are referred to her by other clients or acquaintances, but if she feels the potential client is not ready for a long term relationship or has unrealistic expectations, she will decline to take him on. She clearly doesn’t want anyone to waste time or to have the same frustrating experiences people commonly had when they were frequenting Internet dating sites.

Despite these specific guidelines, Jenny admits the past year has been a learning curve. Among the things she learned: that men are often visually motivated which makes them reluctant to accept a “blind” dates, that a lot of people have difficulty communicating and that the people who come to a matchmaking agency are not necessarily all “ready and able” to start sharing their lives with a partner.

But even if the task is not always simple, Jenny is grateful she is in a position where she can be “G-d’s accessory” and help others find their soulmates. She has a very positive personality and a kind outlook on people and life. These qualities will no doubt make her a very successful matchmaker.

Best wishes to you, Jenny, and welcome to the Simantov family!

Click here to check Jenny’s website.