This Fall, as has been the case for the last 29 years, Los Angeles will be hosting the ISRAELI FILM FESTIVAL, a major event for the Jewish community and all movie aficionados. Simantov is thrilled to be one of the sponsors of this fabulous happening!

The ISRAELI FILM FESTIVAL is always a major event for the Jewish community of Los Angeles, one people look forward to attending every year since its beginnings 29 years ago. In the light of our current expansion and increasing presence in Los Angeles, it was very important for us to participate in such an enjoyable cultural event.

Throughout its history, Simantov has always made it a point to be instrumental in supporting Jewish communities in Europe, its place of birth. We’ve long lost count of the number of Jewish organizations and events we’ve helped in Germany, France, Israel and other countries, and that’s the way it should be. As we are now developing our activity in the United States, it seems only natural to continue our sponsoring activities there as well.

And what a way to start! Needless to say that when we were approached this summer about contributing to the event, it didn’t take us much time to make up our mind! The ISRAELI FILM FESTIVAL is a wonderful event, a showcase for the works of Israeli filmmakers in the “World Capital of Film itself, over a period of 3 weeks – this year from October 28th to Nov 19th and a great way to bring together the Jewish community and everyone else who enjoys good entertainment. Definitely the kind of happening we like to be part of!

We, at Simantov, are very proud and happy to be offering you this fabulous opportunity to have fun and to discover the best of Israeli cinema.

More details about the Israel Film Festival.