As many of you know already, Simantov was born almost 40 years ago in France and for many years confined its activities within the borders of Europe and Israel. That changed a few years ago and we are now present in most of the world!

“The world is our Shtetl“, that’s the mantra we live by. Jewish communities are too small and too scattered around the world to keep to themselves if they want to continue thriving. And that’s why we’re doing our best to create connections between Jewish singles, wherever they might be.

Well, one place they’re in for sure is the United States, home to the biggest Jewish community in the world, right after Israel. And, in the US itself, the two major Jewish centers are, of course, New York and Los Angeles. That’s why Simantov is actively developing its presence there while also looking to expand in other US cities.

Matchmaking relies heavily on both the size of the network the matchmaker is able to create and the quality of the singles he/she represents. Not all matchmakers are born equal, and that’s why at Simantov we’re particularly vigilant when it comes to selecting our partners and ambassadors.

Our clients are the very best, we want to make sure they are served by the best matchmakers in the Jewish community too. People who not only have connections but who also have the necessary flair and experience to make the very best matches, matches that will spark and last, and allow our clients to find durable love and happiness.

We are already working with several matchmakers in the US. But in the hope of ever expanding our network for the benefit of our clients, we’re always eager to make new connections and to recruit new matchmakers whose profiles fit our quality requirements.

If you think that is your case, if you too want to expand your business and if you’re interested in joining our network of matchmakers, please contact us to set up an interview. We’ll be delighted to meet you!