I’ve always been kind of a nerd and was never very successful with girls.  Not that I am bad looking or anything, but I guess my focus was always more on computers than on people and my passion -which I managed to turn into a profession- was not very conducive to interacting with people.  In addition to that, I grew up with 2 brothers and no sister so women were always kind of a mystery to me.  That being said, I always knew I wanted to have a family:  I love kids and, as my brothers got married and started to have children, I began thinking that I would love to have a family of my own too.  I had dated a few girls when I was in the army but nothing really serious and it was pretty clear to me that I could not trust myself to make all the efforts necessary to find a good partner.  I needed someone to take the first step for me and give me a little push.  I heard about Simantov at an event here in Tel Aviv and I made my first appointment right there.  Their ambassador was very nice, she got me an interview with Rachel within 2 or 3 days and that started the ball rolling.  Through Simantov, I was introduced to a few local girls but that didn’t lead to anything.  The feedback the girls gave about me were not very good, I guess, so Rachel suggested I get some coaching to learn how to be more of a gentleman and to get a little more in touch with my feelings.  I had a few appointments with a coach who works with Simantov and that made a world of difference.  That and the fact that I got introduced to a fabulous girl.  She is French originally, but she has recently made aliyah and she’s here to stay.  We are madly in love and I think I am going to propose soon.  I am waiting for the right time.  Hopefully this won’t get posted before I buy the ring!