If you love your man, it’s really weird to measure your love for him like a teaspoon three times a day. You don’t want him to think he can take advantage of you or that he’s allowed to do whatever he wants. Instead, if you view love as something positive and nourishing, like food, then you want to give him as much as he needs to be happy and fulfilled.

I know you might have objections, like “I gave him everything and he still left me after 5, 10, or 20 years.” Yes, love is always a risk, but if you don’t open your heart and give it freely, he will leave for sure. Plus, when you share in each other’s joys, it makes your own joy even greater.

It’s also important to give your partner what he wants and needs, not just what you want. For example, if he’s sad that you don’t make his favorite meals anymore, don’t get defensive. Instead, ask him what he likes and make it for him or cook together! Small things like that can make all the difference.

Lastly, don’t worry about spoiling your partner with love. It’s rare that men get spoiled by love, but even if they do, it’s better to love too much than too little. If things don’t work out even when you gave it your all, it’s sad. But if you didn’t try at all and missed out on all the possibilities, that’s even worse. So go ahead and give love freely!