We all know that the pool of those in the Jewish faith is relatively small and so we thought to highlight some details for you to understand the labour of love and social entrepreneurship Simantov provides to bring together those lovely singles looking for love in the long-term. We deal with a specific section of the pool, marriage-minded singles, it is niche but we are as serious in our search for suitors for our clients as they are equally as serious in their search to find the one. We operate on a global scale for two reasons. One- so we can connect the international Jewish community. Two – so we have a greater deal of options for singles when it comes to personal introductions.

We want singles to open their minds and open their hearts if they are a client or a potential client of Simantov in order to open a much greater pool of options when it comes finding their beshert. Our clients are willing to travel far and wide for love, this is what makes us unique, we operate on a global scale and have no intentions on changing this any time soon.

Did you also know that overall only 0.02% of the population are Jewish? Did you know that only 14% of men in the world are over 6 feet tall? When we look at those that are single this percentage decreases significantly as you can well imagine. Becoming super specific on the things you deem as non-negotiable when you head out dating on or offline may mean you are setting yourself up to fail when searching to find your love, especially when you are looking to keep love within the faith.

If you have a list of things you want in your someone and it’s long, it may be time to cross a few things off. Think about a matchmaker or the lastest app finding all those things you want in szd, what if he or she is not looking for all the same things as you and you are not a match? You have to start from the beginning. We are not asking you to settle for less than you deserve but merely to get rid of anything that is so surface level you are blocking yourself from either meeting a greater pool of gorgeous potential matches or perhaps even not giving yourself the best chance of finding happiness.

A long-lasting relationship is built on a foundation of values and deep comaptabilty, which if it is a love set to last, comes with some compromises. Don’t compromise on the true things that make you who you are but do think about the things that don’t matter when chemistry hits and sparks start to fly.

In simple terms, if you have a type of person you are attracted to and it has always been this way and you have found yourself single again, then it could be a sign that your type didn’t work so far so it may be time to open your mind, open your heart; you may see the opportunities for a love that lasts opening too.

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