Simantov are proud to have many a success story in our four decades of matchmaking in the global Jewish community. However, there’s no story quite like this one. Rachel and Bertrand signed up to Simantov’s Premier service with a list of expectations in a partner that we’re achievable in a search but certainly specific. Rachel had in mind a worldly, intelligent business man with family orientations but with a specific look and height which she felt were non-negotiable. With a frustrated outlook on the world of Jewish dating but willing to give the international search a try to please her parents; Rachel’s search with Simantov began. Mr Weber, a matchmaker of over 30 years for Simantov and a man of great faith and perseverance in people put Rachel and Bertrand together. Four years later and a promise of marriage the two reside in Belgium and have invested in Simantov on many levels, spreading the word about what our global network of matchmakers do to make love happen.

Recently a TV show in Europe asked Simantov how European’s find their way to each other romantically and so we were happy to share this success story and another, Marina & Stephane, with commentary from the wonderful Mr Weber himself. Please find below the translation into English and watch here.

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English Translation:

Reporter: Actually they were not meant for each other in the beginning and probably wouldn’t have met in other circumstances. Rachel wanted everything that her dream partner isn’t today. Nevertheless, they have been happy for years with each other, despite the first meeting further to being introduced where there was no sign of love. Rachel made it anything but easy for Bertrand.

Rachel: Actually, I did not want this introduction at all because the gentlemen did not meet my perfect partner search criteria. Hence, I did everything to make meeting him during the week on an afternoon where in Paris there is a huge traffic jam and finally I came 1 hour too late. And then I saw the gentlemen sitting there waiting for me.

Reporter: This meeting happened because of Jose Weber matching them at Simantov. He is a Shadchen which is jewish term for Matchmaker. He lives in Frankfurt and matches people around the world. This he can only do with the help from upstairs.

Jose Weber: “If he wouldn’t be there upstairs!. And I can’t see in this cards. Then it can’t happen. And sometimes, when I was really out of my ideas, I just matched 2 people together, like Rachel & Bertrand. It was really something I did out of the blue. I was convinced that after I do the match, they will come back and will say that they don’t wish each other to be a couple. And it went for the best.

Reporter: And how in times of internet, Facebook and Twitter, a Jewish woman comes up with an idea to put her happiness in hands of a traditional Jewish matchmaker? Her parents sent her 4 years ago to a Shadchen.

Rachel: Actually I did not want his services, I just wanted my parents to leave me in peace. Which woman at 33 will let an old 66 years old man tell her how to build a relationship or which man to choose. I thought either my parents are crazy or he is crazy, in any case today to go to a matchmaker is something totally crazy.

Reporter: Nevertheless today a professionalism of a Shadchen is needed more than ever. And Jose Weber, who has been contracted by Rachel, was a force for forging couples that couldn’t be stopped. He proposed to Rachel one man after the other and she kept refusing until Bertrand came along. 

Bertrand: When you find someone from the same culture, it is much easier because on a long term it is much easier to build a relationship.

Reporter: Taking into account all the criteria, is there still place for feelings? Those are, according to Mr Weber, not something to wish and could be fatal.

Jose Weber: When someone thinks with his head and realises that the other person is the right one, and it they fight a lot and sometimes wish to send the other to the devil, will this couple never split. When you fall in love, then it can happen, while you mind is gone, that you don’t see things that are sometimes very important in life.

Reporter: Despite all the professionalism, love can hit suddenly like a spark. In Marina & Stephane’s case their first date was simply romantic with chemistry. 

Marina: Red Roses were covering the whole room. The bed, the floor – all was in red roses. And there he was standing a huge bunch of flowers. Here I realised that this gentlemen is so very romantic. I can tell you a small secret too, the first time I saw him on Skype, I felt like there was something written on his forehead: “he will be a good husband”.

Reporter: And then all was clear – a bit like in a romantic comedy to be very honest.

Marina: And we decided quick that we will stay together after 2 months. How many months later did we decide to get married?

Stephane:  It was just 6 months later

Reporter: For Stephane it was clear that no other woman than a Jewish will come to his home. The Jewish mentality helps a lot as he says. Himself, he is from a mixed marriage. His mother was Jewish, his father converted. The fact that his father did not grow up in the Jewish faith lead to various misunderstandings and so he took away some learnings for his own relationship from his parents. Who knew for his romantic life he only wanted a Jewish match. 

Stephane: I was about to get married few months before our marriage. But this story ended when we decided not to marry. And then when I was in touch with Simantov International’s matchmakers they told me “there is this woman, you have to meet her”.

Reporter: With Marina & Stephane it was  a successful match. Shadchen Weber conducted his job successfully with a happy ever after. Exactly like with Bertrand and Rachel. When you are lucky enough to find someone you fit with, and Jose Weber of Simantov is convinced about it, then you just have to go with it.