It is with great pleasure that we announce this newest search for a gentleman who happens to be a very well known figure of American television.
Our client is based in New York, he is 43 years old and he’s been on the air for almost 10 years, which has left him essentially unable to live what most would consider a “normal” lifestyle.  With paparazzi following him on a regular basis, fans awaiting him outside of his recording studio and a very, very busy work schedule, it has been impossible for him to meet the woman he would like to call his wife.  Being famous has many advantages, of course, and he is very willing to admit to that, but one of the downsides of fame is clearly the lack of intimate time you get to spend with people, which in turns makes it very difficult to get close to anyone.  Or to be sure the people you meet are not just after securing their own minute of fame in the limelight. Pair that with seemingly endless workdays and you’ll easily understand why this very desirable man has turned to us to help him find love.
Confidentiality is of course an absolute must in this case, but our client has authorized us to reveal a few things about himself, which could help you determine if you could be a potential candidate for a presentation.  Here is what he had to say about himself: although he is now living an extraordinary life, he grew up in an ordinary middle-class family and has remained very close to his parents and his siblings.  Family is the most important thing for him and he would do anything in his power to help a family member if needed.  He expects his future mate to be of the same mindset and to embrace his family as he will embrace hers.  The rest of his personality and lifestyle is more in line with what one would expect of a celebrity:  he lives in a penthouse in Manhattan and spends most weekends in the Hamptons where he likes to relax -sleep- and entertain close friends.  He also enjoys boating around tropical islands whenever he gets the chance and is always happy to go out to a club or a fine restaurant although he would gladly stay home for a quiet evening if he had the right person at his side.
His ideal partner is a beautiful woman, tall and fit, between the ages of 27 and 40 who is ambitious and successful in her own career and won’t mind dealing with the inconveniences linked to his celebrity status.  As we mentioned before, she also has to be kind and family minded.  Although he is not quite sure yet whether he wants to have children of his own this man comes with a small tribe.  Any woman who shares his life will have to not only accept but enjoy being part of this big family.
Could that woman be you?  If you think so, please contact us at