This is an amazing lady!  25 years old, mature well beyond her years, hard working and, last but now least, breathtakingly beautiful!  Why, would you be entitled to ask, hasn’t she found the man of her dreams yet?  The answer is rather sad but simple:  she is also a very profound and spiritual woman.  Unfortunately most of the men she attracts -and they are very many – get stuck on the thrill of her physical attributes and are unable to see that beyond the looks stands a very interesting, multidimensional woman.  Of course being a model doesn’t help, as most of the people who surround her in her professional milieu are more interested in appearance than in deep character and carry that attitude in their personal relationships, which has left her rather disillusioned with the dating experience.  She, as is very obvious from the first conversation, is anything but superficial.  She is a well-read, educated young lady, who has traveled extensively, is interested in art and history, and would like to start a family with a man who is similarly minded.  A very important point:  she’s lived in several capitals and is used to being far away from her family.  She insists that she is completely open to relocating.  If she falls in love with you, she’ll move to wherever you need to be!
Her ideal match would be someone who is, as she is, moderately religious – she is “conservative” – but who is as attached as she is to Jewish traditions and wants to raise his children in the respect of these traditions.  In addition to that, the man of her dreams is educated, responsible, caring and family-oriented.  He should also be a good communicator and enjoy having long conversations by the fire, talking about everything from life to politics.  And most of all, he should love her for who she is and not for what she looks like.
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