1. How important are Jewish traditions for you?

        A. Very important  B. Somewhat Important  C. Not much if at all

2. How important is it that your partner value Jewish Traditions?

        A. Very important  B. Somewhat Important  C. Not much if at all

3. How open are you to being set up by friends, family, or others?

        A. Very Open  B. Hesitant  C. Not open to it

4. In terms of expenses to debt, how financially stable are you?

        A. Very Stable  B. Moderately Stable  C. Not Stable

5. How important is it that your partner is financially stable?

        A. Very Important  B. Somewhat Important  C. Not Important

6. How often do you attend events hosted by Jewish community groups?

        A. Very Often  B. Every Now and Then  C. Not At All

7. What do you think about having kids?

      AI would love them, and I want them to carry on the Jewish Lineage

      BI am open to it.

      C. I’m not looking to have children. (or more children)

8. What is your relationship like with your Parents?

       A. We’re very close. I would do anything to make them proud.

       B. I love my parents, but I don’t let them into every area of my life.

       C. It’s a complicated or negative relationship.

9. How do you typically spend your weekends?

     A Spending time with your family or partner

     B. Hanging out with friends or traveling

     C. Working, Mostly.

10. How do you feel about your professional life?

     AI care a lot about my career, but its not everything

     BI work hard, but I play harder

     CMy career and success are everything to me

Add up your score! 

A’s are worth 3 points.   B’s are worth 2 points.   C’s are worth 1 point.

How likely Are You To Meet Your Perfect Jewish Match?

21-30 points:

You’re very likely to meet your match. You value the right qualities in a woman, and your desire to meet a Jewish woman to build your future with is admirable. The only question is WHERE will you find her, and how quickly? Your standards are high. Sifting through the wrong women can take time. Wouldn’t you rather have the right matches sent to you effortlessly to start “the rest of your life” today? Simantov can find her for you.

10-20 points:

It’s up in the air. It could happen, but it’s not a high probability. Your lifestyle doesn’t put you around the right types of Jewish women often enough to suggest that a perfect match will be one of them. You could possibly find a non-Jewish woman, but the relationship may not last due to your difference in values. You need to be intentional about finding her, by seeking her out deliberately and in the right places, and becoming the right man for her when you do find her. Simantov’s coaching and matchmaking services are the best way to ensure you’ll find the right Jewish woman with your busy lifestyle.

0-9 points:

You’re not going to meet her the way things are going. If you don’t change your lifestyle, the way you approach relationships, or the way that you’re meeting Jewish women, you won’t find her. You have a few things to work on before you’re the right man for your right woman, and you’re not putting yourself in situations that help you find her. Professional guidance about why you’re relationships have gone the way they have and how to make a change would be a great idea if finding the right Jewish woman is a priority! Dr. Terri Orbuch’s dating course could be the next best step.