1. How many of your previous relationships were with Jewish women?

    A. All of them B. Most of them C. None of them

2. How important is it that your partner is financially stable?

    A. Somewhat important B. Very Important C. Not important

3. How important is it that your partner share your values or lifestyle?

     A. Very important B. Somewhat Important C. Not important

4. How do you feel about having children?

    A. I want them, and my partner should, too.  B. I’m not sure either way C. I don’t want them

5. Do you find intelligence attractive in a partner?

    A. It’s not the most important thing B. Very Important C. It’s a turn off

6. How easy is it for you to trust a new partner?

    A. Very easy B. It takes some time C. It’s very difficult

7. How important is physical attractiveness in a potential partner?

    A. Not very important B. Somewhat important C. Very important

8. Do you find yourself to be a jealous person when in a relationship?

    A. Not at all B. Sometimes C. Yes, I can be jealous

9. How important is your career to you?

    A. Important, but it’s not everything B. Very important  C. It’s just a job

10. What is the most ideal personality trait for your potential partner?

    A. Kindness B. Sense of Humor C. Confidence



Your Relationship deal breakers include a lack of similar values. This could be your religion, traditions, or the way you see other important factors such a finances, family, or world issues. The best way to overcome this is to take a ‘values first’ approach to finding a relationship. Instead of being set up blindly, ‘shopping’ photos online, or waiting to meet someone in a bar or restaurant, make sure that you share the same values before ever taking the next step, which will save you a lot of wasted time and heartache. Ideal ways to find a partner who shares the same core values and lifestyle is to work with a company like Simantov International. Simantov focuses on understanding you first, and then finds your perfect Jewish partner based on those core values that mean the most to you.



Your main relationship deal breakers typically involve incompatible personality or intelligence levels. You value a woman who knows how to have a stimulating conversation, is cultured and well-spoken. She doesn’t have to be a genius, but she does need to keep up with you, and share your quick wit and humor. This can be difficult to find on your own, as many of these personality traits are initially hidden or take time to truly see. Online dating profiles can say whatever someone would want to hear, but that doesn’t make it reality. Friends and family mean well, but often don’t know the factors that make two people compatible personality wise. You need to work with someone who understand the way you think, and the way you like to interact with others. Simantov can use this knowledge, and the knowledge of their skilled and experienced matchmakers to help find you the exceptional Jewish woman you’ve been searching for.



Your relationship deal breakers often revolve around physical attractiveness and trust. Those things don’t often seem like they would be interchangeable, but often, you may choose relationships solely on looks or chemistry. This can cause a shallow relationship, not built on true trust and emotional connection. Because of this, many of these relationships can end in infidelity or due to jealousy. The main factors that brought you together can ultimately push you apart as well. If you’ve had these types of experiences in the past, you may find it harder to open up and trust in the future, which can make the dating process very difficult. You need professional guidance from a top tier dating coach and matchmaker to not only help you choose the RIGHT person this time, but to help you get past these blocks that can cause issues down the road. Simantov is the perfect partner to help you get it right!