Creating that perfect balance between your career, hobbies, personal life with family and friends without having the stresses of finding ‘your beshert’ can be really quite challenging, especially when looking for love in the community.

Finding the ideal partner to build a long-lasting relationship with should really be one less worry, and one would think, relatively easy.  Of course it is not impossible to search for your someone in cyber space on all the apps and websites that are readily available for your swiping- lots of singles have done it and have great testimonials to the love they have found. But how many times do you have to swipe right, how large is the quantity of Jewish singles you have had to match with online in order to get a handful of dates that you have actually been compatible with? We agree it is hard out there and this is just why traditional matchmakers have seen a huge rise in the use of our greatest meddling profession, which has stood the test of time, introducing like-minded singles. Our single Jewish professionals are consciously looking to couple, and so, here are a few reasons a conscious coupler comes to a Premier Matchmaker such as Simantov International: 

We match on your same core values in the first instance – you can rest assured that when we send you a certain someone they most definitely want to be on the very same end page as you in life.

If you want to build a family, don’t worry we have already matched you with someone who wants this too; so you don’t have to ask the question. If you already have children, the person you are matched with is in a similar situation to you or open-minded, you can rest assured.

Your personal life is our professional life- we only bother you when we have someone in your criteria as part and parcel of being one of our Active, Cosmopolitan or Premier clients. 

You have to be swimming in the same pool as the kind of person you want to meet. Super successful singles in the Jewish community don’t often grace apps or online dating as they need to adhere to confidentiality and tend to be time-poor, this is exactly where we at Simantov come in.

We work with feedback from both parties who are personally introduced so if you feel you are not quite heading in the wrong direction on a date, we will give you a few pointers how to get back on track to finding the love we feel you so deserve.

Matchmakers more often than not receive enquiries from singles who are marriage-minded and so we work with those who see what we do as the best route to relationship longevity. Our clients and prospective clients are consciously looking to couple with someone and so they are ready to pop down their smartphones, close their laptops and actually get out there meeting their potential matches. To join many others looking to consciously couple fill out our application form. APPLY HERE.