If Eric could be defined in one word – which, of course, he can’t – that word would most definitely be “passion”. Full of energy and enthusiasm, this 39 year-old bachelor from Prague has a very good reason for not being married yet: his entire life so far has been devoted to a single pursuit, acquiring the level of excellence required to be hired as a full time professional violinist by a major orchestra. Having achieved that goal, he is now living his dream of playing beautiful music every day either at home or on tour. But what good is a dream if you have no one to share it with? To make his life complete, Eric would now love to find a woman who is as passionate about music as he is and who understands the constraints imposed on professional musicians. Rather handsome himself, he doesn’t have any set idea about what his beshert should look like. And although he would love to have a family to call his own, he doesn’t have any specific requirement concerning age either. Communion of minds and souls is what he longs for. Are you ready to find someone as lovely as Eric? Meet a Simantov Matchmaker and enquire here