Looking for a gorgeous woman who seems to have it all? Meet Rebecca, the 31 year-old yoga instructor from London who spends her weekends between her synagogue –where she regularly helps to organize Shabbat dinners and a variety of events – and the city’s flea markets in search of rare records. Although she would call herself moderately religious, Rebecca is very attached to Jewish tradition and keeps a kosher home. But that doesn’t keep her from having fun when fun can be had: a avid music lover, with a surprisingly eclectic taste, she goes to concerts every chance she gets and has even been known to travel out of the country to see one of her favorite groups perform. That trip, which actually turned to be quite disastrous, as she recalls with a big smile, perfectly illustrates her spontaneous personality. Her enthusiasm is catchy and by the time she is finished telling us about the man she would love to find – “religious and educated but not boring or old fashioned”- we are dying to start our search. Start your Simantov Search today: enquire here