As many of you know, Simantov International UK were entered and shortlisted in the UK Dating Awards 2015 for Best Matchmaking Agency and won Most Highly Commended Matchmaking Agency 2015; needless to say we are thrilled. As a niche Matchmaking Agency, helping Jewish singles find their soulmate has always been our highest priority during our operating 40 years and we can not tell you how delighted we are to be credited this award in the UK where our operations are growing rapidly everyday with a strong, experienced team in place.

This year we have been lucky enough to expand all over Europe, USA and further a field with our Global Network of Matchmakers and Client Representatives looking after the single Jewish professionals in our Shtetl to be matched not just for dating but for marriage and longevity in a relationship we hope that this award will speak volumes to our community and in all that we do to make Shidduch.

All of our clients are serious in their search for their special someone and our team in the UK, as well as in the International network at Simantov, are fully invested in their clients love lives and futures. Our clients truly do believe that this is just one meeting they just can’t leave to chance- that’s why they chose us.

We really do feel proud to have come this far and are very aware that the only way is up as the go-to Premier Jewish Matchmaking Agency. We have said it before this year and are proud to be reiterating this again-Simantov International UK are well and truly on the map with a growing list of clients on a daily basis and more couples put together with our expert team than ever. We are oh so happy to share this award with all of our team, our global network of members and most of all with the Jewish Community who have helped us spread the word continuously for so long.

If you are not yet registered and are on the search for your soulmate then please do pop your details into our enquiry form and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. Find Out More Here.