Across societies and communities, matchmaking is an age-old process. Different matchmaking processes focus on different aspects of life, customs and societal requirements etc. To take an example, in the Indian subcontinent the matchmaking process is very complex where even the interests of extended families are taken into consideration. They believe families get bonded not merely the individuals. In this context, The jewish matchmaking process is very sophisticated. In this article we are going to discuss the Jewish matchmaking process  and how we approach it at the Simantov international.


At Simantov International we take into consideration several aspects of marriage. While the traditional and cultural dimensions are very important to preserve the ethos, we also understand that the modern day Jewish couples have evolved and there is also a possibility of expecting individual expectations, essence, independent mindset from the partner. We take into consideration each and every aspect of a possible match can expect from the significant other.


Following are some of the important factors which we consider while matching two individuals.

  1. Compatibility and Shared Values:  We emphasize the importance of compatibility, both in terms of personality traits and shared Jewish values and beliefs. Matchmakers consider factors such as religious observance, cultural background, education, and family values when suggesting potential matches.
  2. Family Involvement: Family involvement is often significant in Jewish matchmaking. Parents or close family members may be involved in the process, providing guidance and support to singles seeking a partner. Their input and approval are valued in the decision-making process.
  3. Background Checks and References: Matchmakers may conduct background checks and seek references to ensure the authenticity and compatibility of potential matches. This can involve gathering information about an individual’s character, reputation, and family background.
  4. Confidentiality and Privacy: Jewish matchmaking values confidentiality and privacy. Personal information shared during the matchmaking process is typically treated with discretion and kept confidential to maintain the integrity of the process.
  5. Traditional and Modern Approaches: While traditional matchmaking methods still exist, modern Jewish matchmaking has adapted to technological advancements. Online Jewish matchmaking platforms and dating apps specific to the Jewish community have emerged, providing additional avenues for singles to find potential partners.

It’s important to note that Jewish matchmaking practices can vary among different Jewish communities and individuals. While some individuals may actively seek the assistance of a matchmaker, others may choose to pursue relationships through more contemporary means. Ultimately, the goal of Jewish matchmaking is to help Jewish singles find meaningful and compatible life partners within the context of Jewish traditions and values.