You might be going out on dates but they never call back. Or, it might have been ages since you’ve even been on a date. Either way, you’re not having much luck on the dating scene.

And here’s why.

There are 3 main reasons why people aren’t getting the results they want from dating.


Reason #1 You’re Scared Of Rejection

Aren’t we all? But the only shots you miss are the ones you don’t take. Put it in perspective- do you really want to miss out on finding your dream partner because of a bit of fear?

Rejection is never easy to take but it’s something you have to get used to if you want to find somebody.

It’s like a job interview, right? Everyone wants the job but of course you don’t want to sit through 30 minutes of being tested, tried and tortured for the role. It’s scary. It’s uncomfortable. It’s nerve-racking. But dating is the same. If you want the end result you have to subject yourself to the fear that comes along with it.

There are things you can do to make dating easier, but a big part of it is ACCEPTING that rejection is going to happen. The sooner you can accept this, the sooner you can take risks, let go of your ego and enjoy the ride.


Reason #2 You Think You’re Unworthy

You never feel as if you’re good enough. Whether it’s because you believe they’re better looking than you, they’re smarter than you or they earn more money than you. There’s always something to make you doubt a person’s interest in you.

But I’m telling you…you’re WRONG. I mean you’re right that you’re probably turning people off, but it’s not for the reasons you think. The biggest killer of attraction is insecurity. So, the things you THINK are putting them off are actually the things that CAUSE you to act in a way that puts them off.

Doubting yourself for the reasons above- beauty, intelligence, status (which are nearly always not the case) is hindering your CONNECTION with your date, and killing the attraction.


Reason #3 You Don’t Take Charge

Maybe you’re afraid or maybe you feel you don’t know what you’re doing, so instead of initiating conversation and moving things forward, you take the back seat and wait for THEM to make the first move.

Guys like it when a woman knows what she wants and women love a man who takes control. This is the crucial stage of a date because it shows INTEREST.

If you’re both spending your time waiting for the other to make a move, nothing will happen! You might both like each other but they’ll assume you weren’t attracted to them, and you might find yourself in the friend zone.

This is why being too passive on a date is a big NO. It’s also the reason many people fall into relationships out of ease or convenience such as somebody from work or a mutual friend, rather than securing the person they REALLY want!