Do you ever feel like dating is too hard? Like there’s more ways to mess it up than you even knew? Maybe you’re even feeling like you want to give up?


DON’T. Many of us over-complicate dating, second-guessing every move and word you say, and when it doesn’t go anywhere you feel frustrated, blame yourself and feel reluctant to try it again.


It’s understandable. It is hard. Or at least the way you’ve been doing it. This article is going to make dating a whole lot easier for you and make you FEEL way more natural doing it.


Tip #1 Attractiveness

Most people think attractiveness only applies to those born with good looks- the great cheekbones, the dimple smile. WRONG. What’s attractive is the way people PRESENT themselves. It’s putting YOUR best foot forward. To give yourself the best chance you should choose clothes that fit well and suit your style. Look after your hair, your teeth, your skin, and work out regularly. These things can make a HUGE difference to how someone perceives you, and how you perceive yourself, giving you that extra bit of confidence before your date.


Tip #2 There’s More To Life Than Dating

If you finish one date and you’re already thinking about the next- possibly with the next person- this tip is for you! People don’t want to date other people whose lives REVOLVE around dating. They want to date people who are interesting. Who have hobbies. Who have stories to tell. Busy people are generally exciting people because they’re always doing something. Not only does this mean that you meet a lot of people naturally, but it also means you’ve got lots to talk about on dates. And having one’s own hobbies and interests is seen as a big TURN ON to the opposite sex.


Tip #3 Adjust Your End Goal

As much as you try to play it cool, how many times have you headed out on a date and secretly been hoping- maybe even thinking- that this could be the one. The one you get to kiss at the end of the date. The one you get to sleep with. Maybe the one you’re going to marry. This creates SO much pressure for a perfect date which makes you overthink everything you say and second-guess every move you make. You’re way more likely to fail with this attitude because you have a desired outcome in mind. Dating is way easier when you go in with an open mind. Whatever shall be will be. You might get lucky. They might be the one. It might not work. But you never fail because there’s no expectations!


Tip #4 Stop Restricting Yourself

You might be someone that tries to meet people at specific times. You go out on a weekend to catch someone’s attention. You go to a bar. Or a club. You might limit yourself to dating apps and so you miss out on meeting people around you. The people that start to ENJOY  dating meet people everywhere. So be aware of people all around you as you go about your life. I bet you’ll see way more opportunities than you thought, in various situations and at different times.


Tip #5 Get Help

Most people that are dating are trying to figure it out on their own. And as much as dating can be a game of trial and error, what better way to go at it than a system with proven results and a team of people who know who to match you with. Nobody thinks dating will be as hard as it is. Or as hard as it can feel. Take the hard work out of dating by investing in a programme, a consultancy or a matchmaking service. We’re here to make dating easy!