The holidays can be a very reflective time of year for all areas of our lives and so we want to make sure the singles in our shtetl are heading in the right direction to receive the love they so deserve. Yes our matchmakers in our global network make matches and marriages but we also want to create a meaningful love to last the long-term for our clients.

You may be ready to dive right in and get on the path to searching for your suitor but at Simantov it’s really important to us that you are ready to welcome the love and matches we put your way. We have curated a list of 3 big things we think may be holding some of you back from that long-lasting relationship in a world that is so social virtually connected we may just be missing a trick when it comes to finding that real connection.

We’ve Forgotten The Art Of Dating. We are so virtual in our business lives that finding our beshert seems to be done more often than not in the same way. Granted, meeting people online is very easy but why is it that we are not getting to that very first date. It is great to get connected with people online that could be wonderful matches for us but taking it to that first date can be tricky but if we do not then how will we really, truly know how great they are for us? Give someone at least an hour of your time to give them and you the best chance possible. Your love life deserves and needs more first dates. Communicating is an art we have so forgotten but let’s get back in tune this 2016. Simantov exists, and has done for 40 years, for those singles in the Jewish Community invested in the process on a deeper level- so why not give matchmaking a try?

Projecting Your High Expectations On To Others. If you are putting lots of pressure on yourself to find someone there may be a chance that you have increased your list of expectations or infact, added things to your list of expectations that don’t really matter. Holding love and a long-lasting relationship to the highest of standards may be setting yourself up to fail. Remember that at the end of the day we are only human and people change, we want to introduce you to someone who you can love at their worst and cherish at their best. This is what relationships are all about.  Marriage is for the good times and the bad; our members are with us most certainly for marriage. Be true to yourself about what really matters in a match and the rest will come in time.

You Don’t Know What Love You Really Deserve. If you have had previous negative experiences in dating and relationships then perhaps this is subconsciously what you expect in your next match or are even attracting into your life. Think about your dating attitude and the message you are giving to those around you- make sure you’re positive, proactive and putting yourself in the best position to meet the perfect person for you. We all deserve a life-long companion; make sure you are clear that you truly are destined for love.

What are you doing today to find the love you deserve? Register Here. Are you ready for dating or would you like to chat with our experts about the things holding you back from finding the love you deserve this forthcoming year?Email