We usually think the hardest part of a relationship is securing one. That very first stage can feel awkward, uncomfortable and daunting. However, once you’ve nailed this part, there’s a whole other one to turn your attention to.


What do you do after you’ve caught someone’s attraction and interest? What do you do after those first few dates to KEEP them HOOKED?


It’s a crucial stage in the process because after the first couple of dates, you start imagining whether you could have a future with this person. Whether they’re worth continuing to pursue. And they’re thinking the same thing.


You’ll ultimately decide whether to carry on seeing each other casually, make things more serious or abandon things altogether. YOU need to decide first.

How do you want to move forward?


If it’s a ‘no’ from you, be honest and upfront about it. You’ll only waste their time if you let things drag on. But if you do like them and want to continue seeing them, you need to know how to secure them. Here are some tips to increase your chances of taking things to the next level.


  • Show them what a life with you looks like


If you’re taking your date to the same place and doing the same things, they will soon get bored. If you want them to start considering a relationship with you, they want to know what that will look like. Vary their experiences. There’s much more than dinner and a movie. Go for a walk, look around a museum, cook together, do something fun like visit a theme park or go ice skating.


  • Show them who you are as a person, on a deeper level


Usually the first few dates are about establishing a connection. You’re trying to stimulate the conversation with banter and jokes and create a spark so initially, you don’t dedicate too much time to talking about personal things that will really show your date who you are. It is good to let them into your dreams, your fears and your childhood. You can still keep things fun, but bear in mind that they might start wanting to see a different side to you.


  • Be bold


You’re not going to get to a new place if you keep doing the same things, or if you simply wait for them to share their feelings first. If you know you like this person, don’t delay in sharing it with them, and being outright about where you see it heading. Don’t be afraid of being the one to move things along in the direction you’re hoping to end up.


Once you know that this person is someone you want to pursue, you have to let your guard down and let them meet a whole different version of you. Someone that they can see themselves dating and someone they can connect with on a deeper level than just flirtatious banter over a drink.


Give them a sneak peek of this next level with you, and you’ll soon be securing the person of your dreams!