The Year 2021 is almost over With the moving wheel of time the last couple of years have been quite tiresome for the whole humanity. However whenever it comes to positivity humans have bounced back from dreadful times.We at the Simantov Internaional strongly believe in the passion with which the founders of our organization started this noble initiative of matching eligible people wihtout compromising the basic ethos of the jewish traditions and principles of matchmaking.

Taking it forward we have helped thousands of suitable partners and earned satishfaction and gratitude of our clients. When moving forward we reiterate our strong belief in harwork and have et guidelines for choosing a mate for a sustainable lifelong relationship. Following are some of them but not limited to the list of those attributes.

1. Choose someone as though you are blind. Close your eyes and see what you can feel of that person, of their kindness, loyalty, insight, devotion, their ability to be concerned with you, their ability to care for themselves as an independent being. It is more important what we “see” with our eyes closed when it comes to the object of our love.
2. Choose a person who has the ability to learn. Those who are unable to learn are intolerant. Choose a person who is curious about the world and how people work, a person who is gradually learning and evolving.
3. Choose someone who is willing to be both strong and sensitive. Choose a person who has the strength of a tree which is flexible in the wind and does not break when blasted with powerful, gale force winds. Choose a person who has the ability to see and be alert to things around him or her.
4. Choose someone who when you hurt them, they feel pain, and they are willing to show it, and vice versa, when they hurt you, they see your pain, and they feel sorry.
5. Choose a person who has an inner life: woodworking, drawing, writing, meditation….something that they love. Choose someone who is on their own journey and sees you as a partner and fellow traveler on that journey. Choose a person who is capable of being merged AND separate with a bond between you which can stretch over distance and time without breaking.
6. Choose someone who has similar passions in life to your own. A relationship is for making memories together.
7. Choose someone who has similar values about having children, about childbearing, about family members, about roots and roles for women and men and kinds of marriage and money and religion. This is about the pragmatics of decreasing the friction in the relationship, and if there are differences, they should be worked out before there is a long term commitment to the relationship.
8. Choose someone who is compassionate, who is able to listen, someone who gives equal time.