Don’t expect your Wife to treat you like I do. It will never happen; she did not give birth to you.
Always wash your socks. Instead of you, only a washing machine can do it.
Change your toothbrush once a month.
Never tell your Wife: “And my mom did it this way!”
Forget the phrase “My mom cooks better” forever!
Please don’t complain to me about your Wife. You chose her yourself!
Don’t tell your Wife about your past relationship. Instead, insist that you have forgotten everything!
Save only “safe” information on your phone. Keep everything else in your head, train your memory, learn compromising evidence by heart.
Always praise your Wife’s food.
Never tell your Wife about our past quarrels with your father. It was a long time ago and nobody’s business.
If I get sick, visit me once a week. It’s crucial for me. And please grab some chocolate eclairs along the way …
When I ask you about phone settings – don’t be nervous! Remember, I trained you to potty.)
Remember, now the main woman in your life is your Wife.
If your Wife asks you if this dress makes her look fat, always answer: “What are you doing! In general, it seems to me that you have lost weight!”
If your Wife asks you for something global (repair, fur coat, car, travel, exercise bike, robot vacuum cleaner, etc.), always agree the third time. The first time a woman thinks out loud, the second time, she thinks out loud whether she needs it or not, and if she said it for the third time, she needs it. Agree the third time! Do not miscalculate. You will do it earlier: she has already changed her mind, you will do it later – she was already offended … Flowers, sweets, and lingerie do not belong to this. A wife should not ask for this; it is sacred!
If I ask you about something, do it the first time. Then, you can rest assured that I thought 333 times before asking you.
Never criticize your Wife’s parents. Remember, they gave birth to the woman of your choice.
Develop yourself. Read books, listen to lectures, attend training, take courses.
Spend six nights with your family and one with your friends. It is necessary for peace of mind.
Never come to visit empty-handed. It is disrespect
Always congratulate your Wife on all the holidays. Plus the day of the wedding and the day of your first meeting. It is essential for women.
Before opening the door to your home, smile! Remember that for your Wife and children you are a barometer of calmness and reliability.