I always thought of myself as a loner.  I have a very busy practice, which doesn’t leave me much time for myself, and I am an avid reader on top of that, so I never really felt the need for companionship until a few years ago.  When I finally woke up and realized life would be a lot more fun if I had someone to share it with, I found myself completely inept.  I had not dated in a long time and I had to come to grips with the fact that things had changed tremendously since my young adult years.  Following the advice of a friend, I joined an online Jewish dating site and got a few dates out of it. They were all rather disappointing and I ended up hating the whole process.  The idea of selecting people in a “catalog” is very unappealing to me and I soon came to realize that I was not very good at making choices for myself.  That’s when my cousin suggested I used Simantov.  It didn’t take much convincing.  I think by that time I was ready to take this seriously.  I was immediately impressed by the way Simantov operates.  They have a lot of experience and it shows.  After the first conversation with Mr. Weber, I had already found out things I didn’t know about myself.  I liked his kind but rather firm attitude and the fact that he seemed to know what he was doing.  I found the whole experience very comforting: I felt that I could relax and that he would take care of things.  And he did.  A couple of weeks after my initial interview, I got a phone call giving me some basic information about my first date.  The date was not a “success” but the lady was a lot closer to the type of companion I was looking for than the women I had found myself online.  So I knew we were on the right path.  Over the next year and a half I was introduced to a few more ladies, and although I didn’t feel a real connection with them -or they with me- they were all lovely women.  So when I finally met Lisa, it felt like everything was coming into place.  She is great, and we are perfectly compatible.  As a matter of fact we keep getting surprised at how many things we have in common.  I would say it is miraculous but in reality none of this would have happened without the skill and intuition of Mr. Weber!