Joining Simantov was not my idea; it was my mother’s idea.  I had just finished law school, was working hard at my first job, and although I wanted to find a boyfriend, I didn’t feel intense pressure to start dating seriously.  I had just gotten out of a pretty bad experience with a boyfriend with whom I was very much in love and who had dumped me without warning. I was still nursing my wounds.  So when my mother suggested Simantov, I just agreed to do what she wanted to make her happy.  But my view changed completely after I talked to Rachel.  She is very easy to talk to.  She and I had a couple of long conversations and I felt she understood my situation perfectly – including the ex-boyfriend and overbearing mother bit.  We agreed to take things slowly and she waited a few weeks to suggest a first introduction.  The guy was very nice but I was not quite ready.  It took a few months for me to warm up to the idea that I could find someone serious:  little by little, I realized that all the men I was meeting through Simantov were looking for a committed relationship.  That reassured me and my attitude changed in that I became less suspicious.  And that’s when it happened: I met Danny, who is the sweetest, most reliable, and most wonderful man a woman could imagine.  We’ve been together for over a year now, we are engaged and in the midst of preparing our wedding.  And I thank Simantov – and my mother – for all the joy they’ve brought to my life.