We match a lot of people every week, but the main idea is how many matches will become for long-term relationships. And here we are proud of our success rate. Within the last five years, 84% of our clients were successfully matched within the first year of membership. Even in the challenging period of 2020 and 2021 , when it was almost impossible to work internationally, we managed to make 36 couples who are together already more than six months. 2 of these couples informed us about their wedding plans, which is tremendous satisfaction.

It is an advice to any single, not only Jewish – decide for yourself – that you are ready. Stop looking for too intensive, take it as a marathon, not a sprint, release your head of thoughts about your age, biological clocks, comparing yourself with your married friends etc.. Everything will happen in the right moment with the RIGHT person; allow yourself to be happy regardless of your “wish-list”. The best partner for you can be very far from the ideal partner in your mind, but this partnership will make you the happiest person, even with “wrong” height, weight, hair, profession, or the number of languages he/she speaks.