A very warm welcome to our blog section. In 2021, we are living in a whole new world, the pandemics may have battered the economy and the normal way of daily routine of work, leisure and personal life., but it has not certainly weakened our spirit. We try to communicate with our audience more often and this post is an attempt to answer a frequently asked question in a little more elaborate way.

At Simantov, it has been our endeavor for decades to provide quality matchmaking service to our clients.We are doing our best to know our clients better.

We spend hours interviewing them to get the smallest and the most significant details, and the most important – their “key life values”. Then we start the search and selection. We are exploring our database, and collaboration with our colleagues from another professional matchmaking agencies, who may have Jewish clients, intending to find the most suitable person. Our client should understand that even if we know 1000% about the ideal partner, we still can’t create them. But we will do our best to find someone who is the closest to your desired match. Before sending them just one candidate, we are interviewing 7-10, maybe 12 potentials, selecting the best of them, and introduce him/her to the client. If it works – Mazal Tov, if not – Ok, we will restart the search and selection of the next suitor. They should not fall in love with everyone you meet – otherwise, they need a doctor, not a matchmaker 🙂

After every introduction, clients are leaving the feedback – what was positive, what was negative. And we are preparing the next introduction for clients already, keeping in mind information in their profile and their feedback. From their feedback, we understand the details they are paying attention to. It can happen that when clients meet someone who fits their wish-list, they understand that in reality, they need something different. We will help them to manage their expectation by relationship coaching. We are not interrupting their relationship – we believe that they both, man and woman, are adult people who will build their story without any help. But as soon as they need any advice or have a question, we will do our best to assist them.