You probably know what you don’t want to do on a date. Or more specifically, what you don’t want to BE. You don’t want to be BORING. It’s probably the worst thing you can do on a date. It’s worse even than being mean or rude or self-obsessed on a date because at least those people have a little something about themselves. Boring is basically NOTHING. And nobody is looking for nothing.


But what does that mean?


How do you stop being boring?


Notice how this article is titled. I’m not saying ‘how to seem desirable’. That is simply a show. And this is where people go wrong. They memorize a bunch of tricks online and receit it perfectly to their date, and it might even work. For an hour. Maybe two. But it’s FAKE. And it’s not a long-term solution. I want to show you how to BE desirable, by showing you how to be INTERESTING.

How to make yourself a more desirable person


Nobody is ACTUALLY boring. Boring people seem this way because they’re trying so desperately not to show their true self. They might dress what they perceive as ‘normal’, and avoid expressing their true feelings and opinions. They’ll probably avoid talking about their actual interests, hobbies, and friends because they don’t think it’s cool, or attractive or popular.


But this is the COMPLETE wrong way to go about it. Everybody has insecurities and doubts. We think we’ll be no good at something, or no one will like us. But by suppressing yourself, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of fabulous opportunities to express yourself, and get more enjoyment out of dating, and life in general.


So, show your date what you’re actually made of. You’re unique. Embrace it. Don’t be afraid of letting them see it.


Be GENUINELY interested in others. The more interest you show, the more interesting you seem yourself. BUT it must be genuine. Your date can tell if you’re being fake because you ignore their response and might follow it up with an unrelated question, changing the subject entirely. This is a dead giveaway to the fact you’re not paying ATTENTION.


You should aim to find out what makes that person UNIQUE. What is interesting about them? Discovering their personalities and stories already makes you seem more interesting than most people they’ve likely dated before you… and desirable.


Lead an interesting life. This sounds obvious, but I’m going to break it down for you. So many people get so stuck in their hum-drum routines that they never stop to try something new, or put themselves out there.


Nothing startling, surprising or particularly interesting takes place in your comfort zone. So, get out of it. Start doing things that break your routine and give you stories, jokes, and opinions that you can share with your date.


A new sport, a new hobby, learn a new language, visit a different country. Even if your new venture doesn’t end up being successful, at least you tried it. And you’ve got a new story to tell from it.


Remember my earlier line- NOBODY IS BORING. So just be yourself, try new things and show interest yourself. Your date won’t be able to resist you!