Are you sick of getting a lukewarm reaction to your best lines and funniest jokes? Are you tired of having a friendly, polite conversation, only to find their head turned at the slightest instant?


Firstly, ask yourself… why have you chosen that particular person to pursue?


If you’re beyond honest, it’s most likely because you’re attracted to them. Which means they are attractive.


If this is the case, ask yourself…how would you feel in their shoes?


An attractive man or woman is used to having people approach them, ask them on dates and give them all this attention because people generally want something from them. Just like you do.


A person can sense this. They can tell that you’re a TAKER and not a GIVER. And this is exactly the quality that makes a person keep their guard up, resist your advances and move along as soon as it is polite to do so.


If they are used to being approached, it’s no surprise that they remain reserved and keep people at arms length because they’ve been there a million times and the story always ends the same way.


You need to do something different to everyone else.


So the last question I will ask you is…what is that person looking to gain?


Instead of thinking about what you want from them, think about what you could give to them. If you’re approaching a woman in a bar or perhaps a man in a coffee shop, in fact most scenarios with most kinds of people, those people are looking for FUN. Everybody wants to have a good time, no matter what they’re doing.


Give something to them by showing them a good time. Help them accomplish what they’re already trying to do themselves.


OR if this is a club or bar situation, make sure YOU are having so much fun yourself that they won’t be able to resist noticing you and maybe even join you. The key is to eliminate any nervous, needy energy and adjust your approach so they don’t simply see you as another taker.


Focus on having fun yourself so that eventually they’ll want to join you in your own little bubble.


Give them what they’re after or demonstrate that you HAVE what they WANT so that they are the ones making the first move and noticing YOU!