When it comes to a successful long-term marriage commitment is the key. However, there has been a lot of debate around this when it comes to modern-day relationships, marriages, and changing social dynamics. Whether the chicken first or the egg first prevails when it comes to how to commit to a person without knowing him or her to a certain extent. At the same time the question also arises without the commitment to live together without marriage how can a person adhere to the principles of marriage. In orthodox Jewish traditions, it’s not even allowed to touch each other before marriage. This is a complex matter, and there is no simple answer to that. 


When it comes to committing to someone it takes a considerable effort from both sides to show each other that they are suitable for each other. It takes compassion, patience, and understanding to build a relationship step by step. 


Though the younger generations look at the increasing rate of divorces across various communities, it might have caused the impression that incompatibility leads to higher rates of failed marriages. Though there may be some truth to that, that may not be the only reason. Relationships are dynamic, and there are both internal and external factors that affect a relationship or marriage. On a lateral thought, sometimes even after a lifetime people may not fully explore their partner’s personality, such as the complex nature of the human psyche. 


Our take on this matter is to find a middle way. We at Simantov International try to match people who are compatible to a larger extent in comparison to the others. Preparing for marriage and making it successful is wholly in the hands of the two souls who pledge to live together in good times as well as when it’s difficult. As it was famously quoted by a wise man. 


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill