All the Jews of the world will celebrate the beginning of the new year 5783 tonight. Of course, they will celebrate in different ways, but I am sure everyone will note for themselves and certainly believe the next one will be better, brighter, and kinder than the previous one. By tradition, these days, we do not eat bitter, salty, or sour – with the belief that the coming year will be so good that it will even be sweet in the mouth. Apples, honey, pomegranate, round challah, and fish head mark success, prosperity, unity, and respect in the coming year. Jews believe that these days, G-d makes a decision regarding each of us for the coming year – whether we suffer or rejoice, get sick or not, die or live. We are always given a chance – and it would be cool not to waste it. We can start with ourselves and become better every day – not someone, but ourselves yesterday. We can do it not using, but with the help of nearby people. We can not compete but cooperate. We can not cause harm, but consciously doing good – then challah, honey, pomegranate, and the head of a fish will work! Let’s start with ourselves – we still won’t save the whole world, but by caring for ourselves and those around us, we can do an incredible amount!
Good news to you in the coming year! May it be kind and always sweet!