GLR spotlight reviewed Karina Datashvilli, senior matchmaker and Dating and relationship coach at Simantov International. Prior to working as full time Matchmaker, Karina worked as the eecutive director of Holocaust museum. She is well versed with jewish culture as well as knows the various aspects of jewish matchmaking.

Answering the questions of the interviewer Karina said,

At Simantov International, there are no matchmaking algorithms; it’s all done the old-fashioned way — getting to know clients and pairing compatible people with each other. Not everyone who applies to be matched by Simantov is accepted as a client.

Due to the nature of its service, Simantov International is selective, which ensures success for clients. Simantov’s main goal is to help open-minded, single Jewish professionals find the right person who can help them pass on their long-held traditions and beliefs.

I think that the two most popular questions to be asked within the first conversation are: “Are you Jewish?” and “Are you married?”

Both my answers – yes.

Regardless of religiosity, for non-Jewish people, it is challenging to talk about things like Shabbat, kashrut, Yom Kipur, etc. I understand why it is essential for our clients that their matchmaker has the same values.

About being married, I usually joke that “I would not dare to help you if I can’t help myself”. Meanwhile, I understand that it is not a requirement, but this makes some connection in the beginning.