One of our matchmakers spent a week in Montenegro, and every day she went to the beach to lie around. She shared an interesting story with us.

A couple of about sixty-five years old, probably, came to the same sun loungers. She is large, tanned, and in a scarlet swimsuit with ties on the chest; he is thin but with a belly. It was interesting to watch them.

The first time our colleague noticed them, the man was inflating a swimming circle. He puffed and puffed, and when the process was ready, he hit his woman on the head with it. She lit a cigarette and went swimming. For about four minutes, she got calm. Then the man sat in a circle on the water and buried in her side. She pulled on his leg. He laughed.

The next day, they ate paper bag buns. She bit off different ones and put them on his lounger. He didn’t like it. He grumbled. Probably about the fact that he is not a garbage can. Then she fell asleep, and he took water in his hands and poured it on her hat.

And the last time our colleague saw them on the beach, they were reading a magazine. They passed it on, read it aloud, shaped it with a finger on the text, and discussed it loudly. They argued and freaked out. When he fell asleep, she covered him with a large green towel.

We liked this couple because they cared about each other. Pinch, tell, touch, delve into, play a trick, ask, participate – they were fascinated by the contact. We think that is why they will remember Montenegro as a beautiful country.

The little things you share with the other person glue something big between you. After all, it is evident that if you do not want to hit a person with an inflatable ring, this is not love.