Born and raised in Moscow until the age of 20, Sofia has been living in Frankfurt for 9 years, acquiring the language – which she speaks with a delicious accent – and a physical therapy degree along the way. This is a very strong and motivated young lady with whom life has not always been kind and who has shown extraordinary resilience and maturity beyond her years. Having overcome many obstacles due to family difficulties, she’s now embracing life fully: she has started her own practice, takes art classes after work and is even planning her first sculpture exhibit for next year. Tall, trim, with hazel eyes and long dark hair, Sofia would fit anyone’s idea of Eastern beauty. But what she is a lot more than just beautiful: it is her rare blend of compassionate spirit, strength and joyful energy which makes her stand out. Her ideal companion is just like her: someone who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but who has succeeded in making his own life and is now eager to engage in a meaningful and committed relationship. Find out more about your Premier Simantov Search