The first thing that strikes you about Amy when you first meet her is her breathtaking beauty. Everything about her seems perfect: from her tall, toned and lean figure, to the gorgeous baby blond hair that she usually ties up in a high ponytail and, last but certainly not least, her amazing almost turquoise eyes. But while that type of perfection can be intimidating, the other thing you immediately perceive about her is how completely oblivious to her own power of seduction she is. This is a very warm, down to earth, attentive to others young lady. And this is confirmed by the life she leads. While making sure she keeps fit and healthy –she is now training to run her first half-marathon this year, Amy spends part of her free time indulging in her passion: cooking. An aspiring chef, she gets inspiration from all over the world to create delicious concoctions for her friends and family, and loves to play hostess every chance she gets. Full of energy, this 31 year old is looking for a family oriented man no older than 40 who stands happy on his own two feet but is, as she is, ready to embark on a lifelong journey. Find out about your Premier Simantov Search