Keren is a stunning 27 year-old travel writer, with almond-shaped hazel eyes, a mischievous smile and a full mane of dark hair, who recently moved to Paris. Born in Brussels, she spent most of her youth traveling the world with her family –her father worked in the hospitality industry and managed hotels on several continents. From that early experience, she’s kept a strong taste for adventure, a very curious mind and the ability to speak three languages fluently –French, German and Spanish. All those skills were put into good use when, after graduating college, she spent a year volunteering in developing countries in Asia and Latin America. Since coming back, she’s been working has a free-lance writer and regularly sees her articles published in prestigious travel publications. Now looking to settle down but always eager to learn more about people and cultures, and with a flexible job situation, this lovely young lady would be completely willing to relocate if being with the man of her dreams – reliable, kind and worldly – required it. A truly international woman! Enquire for your Simantov Premier Search