Every year on the June 21st The world celebrates International Yoga day. Mindfulness , Breath control and body postures as per the yogic traditions that have taken shape  as practices under the umbrella term Yoga since ages in the Indian civilization. However, this is not new to Judaism.

Yoga and Judaism

Spiritual aspects of Modern day Yoga and mindfulness has  always been there ingrained  in traditional and ancient practices of Jews. The modern adaptations of Yogic practices arrived Israel not long after the inception of the country and was widely followed by all age groups. In the current day Jews around the world follow Yogic practices in their own capacity.

There has been many articles which have been published in renowned digital media like Jpost on the this topic of Jews and Yoga or, the Jewish journal which enumerates the deep connection between Yoga and Judaisim Intersects. As per the Jewish journal post, the  Jewish concept extends to tikkun Olan ( to repair the world.)

Yoga , Matchmaking and future partners

While searching for a partner and your future soulmate mindfulness is of utmost importance. A sharp and stable mind helps in recognizing the traits you are looking for in your Jewish soulmate and keeping your cool in all possible situations can be paramount. Our Shidduch and Shadchan are spiritual yet modern to adapt to practices that correlate the human evolution and spirituality. At the same time Yoga can be a very engaging activity for potential future partners to take a day of quality time together yet growing together both spiritually and evolving to a higher level of togetherness using various techniques of Yoga. For singles Yoga and meditations can be very helpful to manage the various states of mind and stay focused in troubled times of this ongoing pandemic.

On this International Yoga Day, we hope and wish all success to the Jewish singles who wish to find their soulmate.